Brianne and Falada


       Riveting...touching... I nearly cried towards the end.  --B Palis

       Charming...well written and magically narrated.  --

       Our narrator William Dufris delivered this tale with a story-tellers awe and excitement. Truly, I felt like I was

       listening to this tale at a Renaissance Fair while eating a roasted turkey leg.  --

       This gem is completely engaging. The story is imaginative and emotionally warm as well as offering a lesson on not

       stereotyping humans...or dragons. --

Erian's Lair

     Once again, Troy Lee Henderson brings us a worthy dragon story... It was quite well done --

      An engaging tale of tolerance and friendship. I enjoyed the sense of danger and especially enjoyed the surprises. --

The Hill Brothers Trilogy

       [The Hill Brothers Trilogy] is not your typical "knight vs dragon" story. These books are nothing short of charming.

       The story is...heartwarming and well written. The Hill Brothers Trilogy is just plain good.  --

The Stable Maid's Secret

      A riveting tale of deception and danger. Henderson constructs the tale in a wonderfully imaginative manner.

        Princess Brianne is such a strong and likeable character, readers are bound to root for her.  --

Dragon Enthusiasts!

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Reviews      "Not your typical 'knight vs dragon' story."  -Red City Review

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 Author Information

     I like to write. I don't do it professionally, being employed full time and then some at a tropical fish farm, which may be why I yearn to do it so much--for me, it's a rare treat. When I do sit down to write, my preference is for fiction. Folklore based fiction, to be more precise. This allows me to fully indulge my imagination, to write on any theme, using characters human or animal, real or imaginary. Stories can be set in any time, any place, any world. I just follow my instincts and let it flow.

     And to work with a company like Mind Wings Audio and have my stories professionally narrated adds a whole new dimension.  We all like to hear stories. It's a primeval desire going way back to when all stories were passed along orally, often around a warm campfire. A good story, narrated well, is captivating and mesmerizing, like staring into the embers of that old campfire.

     I've parted with my original publisher, Mind Wings Audio, and am currently seeking new outlets for these stories. Watch this space for news. A limited number of audio CDs are still available from the author. Send an email via the Contacts page for more information. With your support, more of these tales will find their way into the ether of the internet and into your e-readers and earbuds. Download a copy, keep reading, keep listening, and I'll keep writing. Thanks all!