Brianne and Falada

The Stable Maid's Secret

Erian hunting sheep in the Great Northern Mountains



Eathed, a Dragon's Tale

The Sacred Valley


The Great Northern Mountains


     Troy Lee Henderson was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana. After earning a degree in fisheries biology from Ball State University in 1986, he moved to Miami, Florida where he has worked for Old World Exotic Fish since 1987. He has had an interest in writing since grade school when he stapled folded sheets of paper together and wrote his own children's books in crayon. Writing has always been primarily a hobby, but he has managed to publish several articles and novellas as well as make occasional contributions to various club newsletters.

     His "Hill Brothers Trilogy" ("Eathed," "Erian's Lair," and "Affaron") began after what he calls his "lucky break" when he broke his foot and used the time recuperating to rewrite and publish an early short story, "Eathed, a Dragon's Tale." The frequently repeated request for "more Eathed" led to two other novellas, which complete the trilogy.

     His other interests include gardening, sailing, hiking and a host of other outdoor activities. Mr. Henderson currently resides in Palmetto Bay, Florida with his wife, Roxanne, leopard tortoise, Willy, and red foot tortoise, Kibii.